Thursday, 25 October 2007

USIP-Facilitated Iraq Reconciliation Agreement a Key Breakthrough for Stability Effort in South Baghdad’s “Triangle of Death”

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Washington (Oct 19) – At the conclusion of a reconciliation conference in Baghdad, 31 tribal sheikhs from Mahmoudiya, a district of approximately 500,000 people just south of Baghdad, signed a path-breaking statement that puts forth 37 goals to improve security and quality of life in a region a that has experienced such horrific violence it has commonly been referred to as the “Triangle of Death.”

The tribal sheikhs (two thirds Sunni and one third Shia), in three days of discussion, focused on security, rule of law, governance, the economy and social well-being. Their signed statement (PDF – 30KB) outlines the current situation in Mahmoudiya district, objectives to be achieved over the next three years and courses of action to achieve them.


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