Monday, 3 December 2007

The mine ban treaty 10th anniversary: A success in progress

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Geneva – Ten years ago today, the treaty banning the use, production, trade and stockpiling of antipersonnel mines was signed in Ottawa, Canada by 122 states.

Today, the number of States Parties to the treaty has risen to 156, including mine-affected countries as well as former users and producers of the weapon. Only 39 countries have not joined yet, and these include two of the original signatories – Poland and the Marshall Islands – as well as major powers such as China, India, Pakistan, Russia and the United States.

“Despite the absence of important countries, the norm banning antipersonnel mines is firmly taking hold,” said Stephen Goose, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch’s Arms Division and member of the ICBL’s Management Committee. In 2007, only two governments – Burma and Russia – have used antipersonnel mines, and trade has been almost non-existent.


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