Monday, 24 March 2008

Black belt teaches kids nonviolence with bullies

Filed under: News Watch Blog,Nonviolence — story spotted by Catherine Morris @ 09:30 PDT

HAYWARD — When Mark Williamson was in fourth grade, he had a bully.

Another student about the same age began threatening him without reason, he said, but Williamson would not fight back because he had something else in mind.

He told a teacher and his mother and arranged to meet the boy and shake hands. After that they became good friends. Williamson found out later that the bully was acting out because he was feeling lonely and, like him, had no father figure in his life.

“He just had no friends before,” Williamson, 41, said. “So there was no more bully situation.”

Today, Williamson, a second-degree black belt, teaches elementary school kids the same methods he used when he was younger so that the students can learn how to defuse potential bullies without fighting. It’s called the Bully Buster System.


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