Sunday, 13 July 2008

Conflict Resolution Network Canada closes its doors

Filed under: Dispute resolution and negotiation — story spotted by Catherine Morris @ 10:00 PDT

One of the oldest conflict resolution organizations in Canada closed its doors April 10.

A communication received today, dated April 10, informs the Conflict Resolution Network Canada (CRNC) membership, contributors and associates that the CRNC was “permanently closing its offices and ceasing operations effective immediately.”

According to the notice, the CRNC was “unable to navigate the growing financial challenges that face so many non-profit organizations.”

“When the Network was formed over 20 years ago, the field of alternative conflict resolution was not well developed in Canada. Today it is mainstream and embraced by schools, universities and almost every profession.
The Network played an important role in contributing to this dynamic growth of an idea. So as we mourn the closing of the Network office, lets not forget to celebrate its many accomplishments. We know Canada is a better place because the CRNC existed.”

See the notice in its entirety (pdf):
Conflict Resolution Network Canada Ceases Operations

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