Thursday, 10 July 2008

Where Is the World Headed?

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NEW HAVEN: As the world heads into the next decade, there are two arenas where we can anticipate great turbulence – the geopolitical arena and the world-economy, with the relative decline of US geopolitical power now acknowledged by almost everyone and which even President Obama will be unable to reverse.

We’ve moved into a truly multipolar world where the power of relatively weaker states is suddenly much greater. The Middle East this year is but one example: Turkey brokers long dormant negotiations between Syria and Israel. Qatar brokered a negotiated truce between fiercely opposed factions in Lebanon. Egypt seeks to broker negotiations between Hamas and Israel. The Palestinian Authority has resumed negotiations with Hamas. And the Pakistani government has entered into a de facto truce with the Taliban inside the zones bordering Afghanistan. What’s significant about each of these actions is that the United States opposed all of these negotiations and has simply been ignored – without serious consequences for any of the actors.


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