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Palestinian-Israeli TV show, far from reality?

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BEIRUT – Twelve young Palestinians and Israelis will come together for one month this spring in order to reach a peace agreement, but not as a result of the United Nations reaching agreement on a two-state solution or because an agreement between Hamas and the Israelis has been reached.

These 12 young people will come together for a reality TV show by a French- Moroccan producer and director Mohammad Oulad Mouhaned.

The idea was to gather six Palestinians and six Israelis in a villa in southern France with the aim of working through a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Churches in Iraq commit to reconciliation and rebuilding

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Representatives of churches in Iraq have confirmed their commitment to work together with all Iraqi citizens for reconciliation and rebuilding peace in the country in the wake of the recent elections there.


Report Abstract | Iraq: More Challenges Ahead for a Fractured Humanitarian Enterprise

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Despite a relative reduction in the level of violence in Iraq, as of December 2008 Iraqis continue to face serious and persistent threats to their safety and welfare due to a mix of ongoing conflict, lack of access to basic services, spotty performance of Iraqi line ministries, serious inefficiencies in the humanitarian apparatus itself, and inadequate operational capacity of aid actors on the ground.


Liberia: Truth and Reconciliation Commission releases Volume I of Final Report

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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia (TRC) uploaded the first volume of its final report to its website on January 24. Two other volumes are due to be released prior to the end of the commission’s mandate on June 22, 2009…

The TRC recommends “prosecutions in a court of competent jurisdiction and other forms of public sanctions”…Not surprisingly, the recommendation of prosecutions has attracted a lot of attention and controversy. Ex-rebel leader Prince Johnson, who is now a senator, already warned that there would be trouble if anyone tried to arrest him.

The commission also called for the establishment of a National Palava Hut Forum as a complementary tool for justice and national reconciliation. The Palava Hut process is a dispute resolution mechanism that has traditionally been used in Liberia in the case of conflict between two groups.


Guide to Conflict Mainstreaming

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As the peacebuilding and conflict resolution fields have grown over the past two decades, one of the trends is the importance of mainstreaming conflict resolution/peacebuilding across various sectors of development programming. While conflict resolution work in and of itself can be extremely valuable and have a significant impact on parties and reducing or preventing conflict, in order to generate long-term sustainable positive change, incorporating conflict resolution skills and processes into other sectors such as health, governance, education, gender, youth programming and more is critical.


Universal phone charger to cut e-waste February 18, 2009

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Mobile phone manufacturers will introduce a universal charger for handsets by 2012, reports CNN.

The move — announced Tuesday by the GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association), which represents more than 750 of the world’s cell phone operators — is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions that result from the manufacture and transport of chargers by more than 35 million metric tons per year. Chargers that accompanied the 1.2 billion cell phones sold last year accounted for 51,000 to 82,000 metric tons of materials.


Mediating on YouTube

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It didn’t take long for mediators to leverage the power of YouTube. A search on YouTube for “mediation” today yields almost 4,000 results….

Among the video clips on mediation that populate the extensive YouTube library is this one: an enterprising mediator persuaded two clients to let the camera into the mediation room and then uploaded excerpts to YouTube, where you can see some of the negotiations involving a neighborhood dispute over a dog.


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