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New poll suggests Israelis and Palestinians want two states

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NEW YORK – In the midst of a stalled peace process in the Middle East, a new poll released today by the OneVoice Movement, an international grassroots peace movement equally represented both in Israel and in Palestine, provides a snapshot of Israeli and Palestinian public opinion and insights into how peace negotiations should move forward from now on.


A tight grip on your mental flashlight is the deciding skill in conflict resolution

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Attention is a pivotal force in any conflict. More than that, it is the key to success in any arena because your attention defines you. Laurence Freeman said, “You are a disciple of that to which you give your attention.” Gangaji said, “”Wherever your attention is, this is what you love.” William James said that what we pay attention to is what we believe. They echo what philosophers have been saying for centuries and what neuroscience is now showing. From “Attention Density: New Big Thing?” (Consulting Today) [pdf]:

Where we choose to put our attention changes our brain, which in time can change how we see and interact with the world.

A mediator can facilitate where parties to a conflict put their attention and thus can orchestrate the brain circuits in their brains.


No Small Mercy: How a Rwandan genocide survivor made peace with the man who almost killed her

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Fifteen years after Rwandan Hutu massacred hundreds of thousands of their Tutsi countrymen, one survivor and the man who cut off her hand tell the horrible truth about the genocide and explain how, even with so much suffering between them, they eventually made peace.


Nonviolent resistance conference in W Ramallah wraps up with massive nonviolent demonstration

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BIL’IN – Palestinian medical sources and witnesses report that 30 people were wounded Friday when Israeli soldiers opened fire on demonstrators who were protesting the Wall that the Israelis continue to build in the West Bank.

Hundreds were protesting yesterday as part of the weekly demonstrations and as a wrap-up to the conference on popular resistance held in the western Ramallah town.

Israeli soldiers opened fire with rubber-coated steel bullets and gas…


Federal Court Decision on Khadr

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Yesterday’s Federal Court decision of Mr. Justice O’Reilly, Omar Ahmed Khadr v. The Prime Minister Of Canada, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and The Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2009 FC 405 [pdf], is available in PDF.

[3] I am satisfied, in the special circumstances of this case, that Mr. Khadr’s rights under s. 7 of the Charter have been infringed. I will grant his request for an order requiring the respondents to seek his repatriation from the United States.


Gender and Transitional Justice: In Nepal and Elsewhere

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On April 10, Amnesty International (AI) launched an appeal and a short video calling upon the Nepalese government to protect women human rights activists…

In Nepal and elsewhere, civil society groups have called for greater attention to women in transitional justice processes. In February 2009, the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) published a report on gender-specific violations in Afghanistan. The three authors – Fatima Ayub, Sari Kouvo and Yasmin Sooka – argue that the deprivations and violations suffered by women are rarely specific to outbreaks of war. Rather, the authors conclude that the conflict merely accentuates discrimination and violations that women suffered during peace.


US Institute for Peace: Peace Media Clearinghouse

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The Institute has launched a Web site that pulls together multimedia resources to help with international conflict management. The online collection — jointly developed with Georgetown University — features links to videos, radio clips, computer games, teaching guides and other media products to assist those involved in conflict resolution.


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