Tuesday, 8 December 2009

US: Who Needs a Binding Climate Treaty?

Filed under: Environment — story spotted by Catherine Morris @ 22:04 PDT

Speaking to about 200 people from various environmental groups, [Jonathan] Pershing, [the Obama administration's deputy special climate change envoy] made the case that a non-binding political agreement—in which the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases would pledge to take various actions to reduce their own emissions—would be more effective than a treaty establishing firm and legally enforceable commitments…


Global minerals, arms smuggling networks fuel DR Congo conflict – UN report

Filed under: Africa files,Business, Human Rights, Environment — story spotted by Catherine Morris @ 22:01 PDT

Minerals and arms smuggling worth millions of dollars persists in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) despite international sanctions, fuelling rebel strength despite national army operations, and army and rebel soldiers continue to kill civilians, according to a new United Nations report that calls on the Security Council to take action to plug the gaps.


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