Sunday, 7 November 2010

True will of the people remains elusive in Myanmar

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Living a legacy of non-violence: Arun Gandhi

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For as long as he can remember, Arun Gandhi has pondered the concept of injustice, and the bullies of the world he came to know far too young.

“I was an angry little boy,” says the man who as a child growing up under South Africa’s apartheid system was beaten up by whites for being too black, and by blacks for being too white. “It filled me with rage — I wanted eye for an eye justice.”


What’s Wrong with Prosecuting a Child Soldier?

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When I was down in Guantánamo a few months ago, a veteran German journalist let it slip that she didn’t much care for the place. “This,” she confided in me, and many of the other journalists there as well, “is the worst place I have ever visited in my entire career.”

It’s not hard to see why my superlative-loving friend felt this way: we were covering the case of Omar Khadr, a 15-year-old Canadian captured after a firefight with U.S. forces outside Kabul in July 2002, tortured and interrogated for a few months at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, then transported to Guantánamo. He just reached a plea agreement that will avoid a trial before a military commission at Gitmo for five “war crimes.” Four of them, freshly invented for the occasion, are not recognized as war crimes in any other court on the planet.


When the Family Needs an Umpire

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The home care aide didn’t expect her new charge to be particularly cantankerous. After all, she had worked for the elderly woman’s sister for four years, and they’d gotten along well.

But the new relationship was rocky from the start. More than once the aide received confusing calls from the 88-year-old woman late at night. She traveled to the woman’s apartment on the Upper West Side, only to be met with a curt “What’s going on? Why are you here?” The older woman, bedridden and recovering from a broken hip, repeatedly told the caregiver to leave because she didn’t need help.

Frustrated and angry, the aide threatened to quit. That’s when the patient’s family called in Joy Rosenthal, an elder mediator.


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