Thursday, 29 December 2011

For first nations, more auditing is not the answer

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The Conservatives have always been deeply suspicious – and it’s a suspicion shared by many Canadians – that vast amounts of public money going to Indian bands is squandered. It goes down a black hole, as the saying goes.

Liberals held the suspicion, too. I recall one of prime minister Jean Chrétien’s top advisers saying he’d heard lots of stories of band chiefs lining their pockets. The government didn’t wish to pursue the matter, he said, for fear of being labelled racist.

Leaders of the Attawapiskat First Nation are turning to the UN to ensure the government helps out with the reserve’s housing crisis. They’re angry that Ottawa responded by removing the band’s power over its finances.


This year, consider a donation to Peacemakers Trust to support access to resources on conflict transformation and peacebuilding

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Donate Now Through! Did you know that Peacemakers Trust work has no paid staff? This means our overhead is low and your donor dollars go a long way. In 2012, Peacemakers Trust would like to expand its work in three major ways all of which require funding for additional expenses or honoraria for students, interns, educators or researchers: Peacemakers Trust online bibliographic resources, education, and research on peacebuilding. We would welcome your partnership as a donor or funder. Peacemakers Trust is pleased to announce its registration with CanadaHelps for secure online donations by individual or institutional subscribers. Here is some more information about donating to Peacemakers Trust and more information about CanadaHelps.

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This is to let you know that Canadian law requires charitable organizations to receipt donations in the year they are received. Cheques and money orders sent by mail must be:
• dated in the current year,
• the envelope both metered (if a stamp is not used) and postmarked prior to December 31 of the current year,
• and delivered within one week of New Year’s Day in order for an official receipt for tax purposes to be issued for the current year.

Next Year’s Wars: Ten conflicts to watch in 2012

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What conflict situations are most at risk of deteriorating further in 2012? When Foreign Policy asked the International Crisis Group to evaluate which manmade disasters could explode in the coming year, we put our heads together and came up with 10 crisis areas that warrant particular concern.


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