Sunday, 18 August 2013

TIME Journalist Defends Murdering Julian Assange | by Kevin Jon Heller, Opinio Juris

Filed under: Human Rights,International Law: War,Media and Conflict — story spotted by Catherine Morris @ 14:37 PDT


It’s been quite a month for the mainstream media. First, at, Elias Groll completely misstated the mens rea of the Espionage Act and refused to correct his mistake… Then, at the Guardian, Owen Bowcott misrepresented the specific-direction requirement, eliding the distinction between aiding and abetting and ordering/instigating.

But that pales in comparison to a new tweet from Michael Grunwald, Time‘s Senior National Correspondent:


Yes, Time‘s Senior National Correspondent can barely contain his enthusiasm for murdering Julian Assange. And let’s be clear: that is what Grunwald is so excited about. We can debate the legality of drone strikes. We can have a rational argument about whether the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki was consistent with IHL and/or IHRL. But there is no conceivable rationale for killing Julian Assange.



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